Mbeya faces water shortages after heavy rainfalls

07Jan 2020
The Guardian
Mbeya faces water shortages after heavy rainfalls

MBEYA Water Supply and Sanitation Authority has started supplying water using bowsers in areas of the city which are hardly hit by water crisis. The move came after water sources were filled with siltation as the result of environmental degradation in the upper parts of the water sources-

-due to increasing human activities.

Public Relation officer of Mbeya-WSSA, Neema Stanton said due to the ongoing rains at some areas water sources have been filled with mud and rubbish, making it difficult for water to reach users.

Stanton further explained that the situation caused a lot of complaints from the people in the region, forcing the WSSA leadership to start distributing water by using a bowser truck.

The officer mentioned some of the areas where they have started to supply water as Isyesye ward and the small town of Mbalizi where its people have missed the service for more than a week.

"We received a lot of complaints from the public, now we have started to address the challenge by distributing water by using a truck despite the fact that there are some areas with infrastructure challenges,” the PRO explained.

She said the service is provided free of charge and people are allowed to fetch water without paying as they used to do.

She called on people in the region to remain patient when the authority makes extra efforts to address the problem and resume the service promising to clean up the blocked area and bring back the service to the people.

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