Mbeya-Lupa Tingatinga road now open

15Jan 2020
The Guardian
Mbeya-Lupa Tingatinga road now open

ROAD communication between Mbeya city and Lupa Tingatinga in Chunya District has been restored following completion of repairs to River Lupa bridge that had collapsed due to heavy floods in the area forcing the Mbeya regional commissioner Albert Chalamila-

Chunya District Commissioner Maryprisca Mahundi

- to temporarily close the bridge on December 25 last year.

Before the closure of the bridge several people including a motorcyclist drowned while trying to cross the river.

Closure of the bridge caused huge transport problems for people travelling between Mbeya City and Lupa Tingatinga as vehicles were forced to make a detour through Songwe Region.

Asha Athumani, a resident of Makongolosi yesterday said the collapse of the bridge created untold hardships to passengers for over two weeks.

Mbeya Region’s Assistant TANROADS Engineer Magesa Mwita said repairs to the bridge has been completed but will allow vehicles of not more than 10 tonnes in weight and pleaded with drivers to abide by the weight limit to avoid any damage to the bridge.

Speaking on behalf of the Mbeya Regional Commissioner, the Chunya District Commissioner Maryprisca Mahundi said the road was now open but warned drivers not to exceed the 10 tonne weight limit.

She said the contractor should complete the new bridge in time as the ongoing construction of Chunya – Makongolosi road is expected to be completed in September this year.

The old bridge built in 1932 during the colonial period collapsed after a lorry owned by the same road contractor had exceeded weight limit, causing great hardship to wananchi.

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