Mbeya RC orders crackdown on stolen drugs from health centres

29Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Mbeya RC orders crackdown on stolen drugs from health centres

MBEYA Regional Commissioner Juma Homera has instructed the region’s District Commissioners to form special committees to probe into medicines in government hospitals and health centres being sold to private pharmacies and called for stern steps against those involved.

Homera gave the instructions here on Monday during his visit in various areas of Mbeya District Council where he said there has been a practice by some health officials to smuggle out government supplied drugs from hospitals and sell them to private pharmacies.

He said these acts make the government incur huge losses as well as creating drugs shortages at government health centres and hospitals spurring public complaints.

Homera’s instructions followed many people complaining of lack of drugs at the health centres thereby forcing them to buy them at private pharmacies.

He said the crackdown will also include peoples’ residences and if anyone will be found with drugs, stern legal action will be taken against him/her.

“This challenge is big, and is countrywide, but it is being caused by unfaithful health workers,” he added.

He added: “Whenever a consignment of drugs arrives at a health centre, there are some health workers who say: “The goldmine has yielded” I assure you we will make inspections from pharmacy to pharmacy to arrest the culprits as well as in the homes of health workers.”

The RC reminded members of the public not to confuse between private pharmacies and MSD pharmacies, the latter of which are found in hospitals’ premises.

He also directed that every government health centre should have a special window to cater the elders rescue them from long queues of patients needing treatment.

Earlier, some people including elders said Hezron Mwaikenda said they were made to understand that elders would be treated free of charge, but as of now it was not so as they are forced to buy drugs from private pharmacies.

For her part, Diana Mwaigombe said even children under five years of age were now being charged on explanation that they are supposed to buy drugs.

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