Mbeya, Songwe regions venture into malaria eradication programme

11Jul 2020
The Guardian
Mbeya, Songwe regions venture into malaria eradication programme

​​​​​​​MBEYA and Songwe regions are set to venture into a programme aimed at eradicating malaria, which involves spraying mosquito breeding grounds with disinfectants.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila.

The programme was launched mid this week by Mbeya Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila.

Coordinator of the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) Jackson Stephano said the programme will last for five years and its certain that the disease that has been costing many human lives will be completely eradicated.

He said the National Development Corporation (NDC) owned factory producing the disinfectant is the only factory in the African continent that produces the chemical and that after eradicating the disease in the country arrangement will be made to sell the disinfectant to other countries.

Stephano said the disinfectant has been tested and showed great success hence they believe if used properly it will eradicate malaria by 100 percent.

NDC Quality Manager Samuel Mziray said the disinfectant is harmless both to humans and other animals, it only kills mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

He said the fight against malaria using mosquito nets or other types of disinfectants only aim to fight a few mosquitoes leaving others to continue breeding as the parasites have a high breeding rate.

“Using other kinds of disinfectants and kill one mosquito, you leave 1,400 progenies, and that is why the war against malaria has been going on for many years without tangible success,” Mziray said.

He said the war against malaria in the country began in 1890 and started in Dar es Salaam but 130 years later the war still goes on.

RC Chalamila instructed all local councils in the region to allocate budgets for the purchase of the disinfectant to ensure the programme is implemented effectively.

He said the mosquitoes spreading malaria – anopheles have been mutating all the time hence many efforts to exterminate them have not been effective, but this time the new disinfectant will eradicate them,” he said.

Mbeya City Medical Officer Dr Jonas lulandala said malaria infection in Mbeya Region is only 3 percent and that the programme will ensure the region’s residents and visitors live free of the disease.