Mbeya use 72,969 tonnes of fertiliser in 2019/20 farming season

12Dec 2019
The Guardian
Mbeya use 72,969 tonnes of fertiliser in 2019/20 farming season

MBEYA Region is expected to use 72,969 tonnes of fertiliser in the 2019/20 farming season to enable farmers obtain better crop yields next year.

This was said yesterday by Mbeya regional agricultural officer Wilfred Kayombo when he spoke to this paper on strategies to ensure farmers get better yields.

The official said that the region intends to put 559,589 hectares of various food and cash crops under cultivation that are expected to yield 3,939,949 tonnes of produce for 2019/2020 season.

He said the region’s strategies in 2019/20 season aims to build better understanding among extension officers, the private sector and agricultural development stakeholders in using technology in collaboration with research and training.

He said apart from the fertiliser quantity, the region also expects to use 192,943 litres of liquid insecticides and 100,427 kgs of seeds for beans, sunflower, rice, cashew nuts and other crops.

He said the recommended prices for fertiliser to farmers takes into consideration purchase price, transport costs and profit up to the end user – the farmer.

Kayombo said the Bulk Purchase System (BPS) that has been in use is successful and called on all farming stakeholders to continue mobilizing farmers to aim for better crop yields.

In Mbeya Region the fertiliser distributed through BPS are Minjingu, TSP, DAP, UREA, NPK, CAN and SA, while other types of fertiliser continue to be sold and bought.

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