Mhagama lowers prices of PSSSF houses in Dar

28Nov 2019
Aisia Rweyemamu
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Mhagama lowers prices of PSSSF houses in Dar

THE government has lowered the price of houses owned by Public Service Social Security Fund (PSSSF) after discovering that the houses were sold at exorbitantly prices.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled Jenister Mhagama lowered the price on Tuesday evening after visiting the PSSSF housing project at Buyuni Chanika in Ilala municipality.

With the new price, the houses would be purchased between 31m/- to 52m/-each from 66.8m/- to 83.7 previous price.

Mhagama has also said: the government has also opened doors to individuals so that they are now allowed to buy the houses.

The minister announced that a total number of 204 out of 480 houses built at Buyuni has not been purchased since they were completed six years ago, while payment of 276 purchased houses is not convincing and some of buyers have left the houses and stop the payment.

She explained: after seeing the houses have been staying empty for long time causing loss to the government, they sent the senior government evaluation officer to re-evaluate the PSSSF housing project throughout the country who come up with the real price.

“Due to the new evaluation done to the project houses the government issued the following directives…” Mhagama told the PSSSF authority.

The minister directed that the two bedroom, sitting room and kitchen house should be sold at 31m/- from 66m/, therefore with addition of tax which is 5.58m/ the house will be sold  36.68m/.

“We are cutting down half of the price because that is the real market price, and the government intention is to help its people by providing affordable houses," said Mhagama.

According to the minister, the three bedroom house should be sold at 35m/- from 67.3m/-, with tax of 6.3m/- the house will be sold at 41.3m/-.

The three bedroom houses each with a master bedroom should be sold at 39m/- from 74.3m/-,after including tax which is 7m/- the house will be sold at 46m/.

She directed that the three bedroom houses with one master bedroom should be sold at 52m/- from 83.7m/-, with addition of tax  9.4m/-, the house will be sold at the price of 61.3m/-.

Mhagama said that people were failing to purchase the houses due to the high cost and give one month to the PSSSF to make sure that the houses are fully occupied with people living in.

“The market is open to all Tanzanian regardless they are public servants or not, the fifth phase government is for them all,”the minister announced.

Mhagama told the PSSSF board that if they will fail to implement the issued directives the houses will become ruins and cause loss to the government for no reason.

“The directives issued today are not for Dar es Salaam only, they should be applied all over the country where there is a PSSSF project,” Mhagama told the PSSSF board.

Meanwhile, Buyuni residents have told the minister that they are facing serious water shortages problems as the area has no water infrastructures. The minister promised to address the challenge immediately in order to attract more people to live at the area.

The housing project which was owned by PSPF started in 2011 and was completed in 2013 whereby members were able to buy the houses through a loan scheme to be paid within 20 and 25 years.