Military college planning to build teaching hospital

18Jan 2021
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Military college planning to build teaching hospital

​​​​​​​THE Military College of Medical Sciences (MCMS) has unveiled plans to construct a new hospital which will, among others, focus on research development and treatment of communicable diseases.

Brig Gen Charles Mwanziva (2nd-L), Head of the Dar es Salaam-based Military College of Medical Sciences, congratulates one of the Diploma in Clinical Medicine graduands at graduation ceremony held in the city on Friday. Photo: Correspondent Joseph Mwendapole

Head of the college, Brigadier General Charles Mwanziva said   over the weekend during the second graduation ceremony which was held at the college’s premises in Lugalo, Dar es Salaam.

He said the MCMS is a military teaching college of health sciences and currently runs three academic programmes including diploma in clinical medicine and nursing. MCMS also has a division of military studies which teaches military medical trade courses for non-medical personnel and military medical officers’ leadership and administration Course.

During the graduation, 29 graduates were awarded diplomas in nursing while 20 were awarded diplomas in clinical medicine.

The Brigadier General said the college currently depends on Lugalo military hospital for practical purposes as well as research, so the establishment of the hospital is an important step.

Either, he said the specialists to serve in the forthcoming hospital will come from the college and Lugalo Hospital.

“We have good relationships with other colleges all over the country but it is our plans to cement this relationship more so that we benefit from the expertise of our fellows” Brigadier General Mwanziva said.

According to him, the college has recorded a number of achievements since its establishment as it started with 40 students but due to several improvements, the college can now accommodate up to 400 students. Read More...

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