Militia urged to protect environmental conservation

03Jan 2018
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Militia urged to protect environmental conservation

MOROGORO District Commissioner Regina Chonjo has called for inclusion of militia in protecting environmental conservation and ensuring peace and security.

MOROGORO District Commissioner Regina Chonjo

DC Chonjo made the call over the weekend at Jamhuri Stadium during a ceremony to close the two-week training to over 500 militias from Morogoro municipality. She said the militias can be used to enhance security and beef up the region’s environmental conservation efforts.


She said with such a good number of militia residents should have now use their security guaranteed.


“Militias can also be used by regional authorities in implementing construction projects at schools and bridges,” said Chonjo noting the move will enable them to earn money.


She warned them from being engaged in crime incidences saying stringent measures will be taken against anyone found to take advantage of the trainings.


The militias apart from body fitness exercises, managed to participate in community project including making of 15,000 bricks for the construction of classrooms at Gwata ward, and donated 100 bottles of blood to Morogoro regional hospital.


Regional Training Commander, Msabaha Yamawe said the number of militias have been increasing annually. He said in 2016 they only recruited 150 people from rural areas, but the number has now doubled to 300 in 2017.


Morogoro Urban District is one of the six districts of Morogoro Region of Tanzania. It consists of Morogoro municipality, the headquarters of Morogoro Region. It covers 260 square kilometres (100 sq mi) and   borders to the east and south by the Morogoro Rural District and to the north and west by Mvomero District.

As of 2002, the population of the Morogoro Urban District was 228,863.