Mining firm supports govt move to combat HIV/AIDS

03Dec 2021
The Guardian Reporter
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Mining firm supports govt move to combat HIV/AIDS

AS part of the national commemorations of World AIDS Day in Mbeya this year, Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) has contributed over 84m/- to support government initiatives to fight against HIV/Aids. 

Geita Gold Mining Limited and TACAIDS, under the umbrella of the Kilimanjaro Challenge, are playing a pioneering role in raising awareness of the HIV and AIDS pandemic and look forward to the day when Tanzania is declared a Zero HIV and AIDS infection in the region.

Speaking at the World AIDS Day commemorations in Mbeya, GGML Vice President for Sustainability, Simon Shayo said this year’s theme “End inequalities. End AIDS, End Pandemics” is very key for the Geita community and Tanzania at large.

He said GGML Kili Challenge is a full on private sector initiative that has been supporting the government for over 20 years.

“The initiative through our grantees remains deeply committed to achieving epidemic control of HIV through the provision of equitable, person centered services that respect the dignity and rights of all those who put their trust in us, articularly the most vulnerable.

 “We urge the private sector in Tanzania to join hands with GGML and support the Aids Trust Fund so that the fight against HIV and AIDS in Tanzania can be sustainable. 

Without bold action against inequalities, the world risks missing the targets to end AIDS by 2030,” he said.

As a responsible corporate citizen, GGML has also organized a voluntary HIV testing campaign for two weeks targeting 80% of its 5000 workers, both direct employees and contractors.

Shayo added that positive social and economic development of our region and country is a result of a healthy community.

“GGML is a company that values its greatest asset, its people. GGML believes that proper investment in employees’ health will result in a healthy workforce and optimize productivity and business performance,” said the Company’s Vice President (Sustainability), Simon Shayo.

He said from 1st – 14th Dec 2021, GGML has invited a total of 15 HIV trained counsellors from the government and private hospitals to conduct HIV Voluntary Testing across the Mine site.

 “With over 5,000 direct employees and contractors, GGML represents a significant portion of the Geita Township community whom, if well equipped with HIV and AIDS knowledge, will be a positive influence among the Geita community.

AngloGold Ashanti – Geita Gold Mining Limited’s interventions to support the health and wellbeing of employees have been strengthened with a focus on education, information and awareness on preventive measures as well as ensuring access to early diagnosis and good quality treatment.

The GGML Kilimanjaro Challenge against HIV/AIDS was launched over 20 years ago with the aim of raising awareness of the pandemic and providing financial support for HIV and AIDS initiatives.

Since then, over 800 people from different parts of the world have participated. The Kilimanjaro Challenge has evolved into a multinational partnership involving domestic and foreign companies and individuals from around the world raising over 1.3bn/- since 2018 for HIV prevention, care and treatment projects across the country.