Minister commends GGM for continued support country’s economic

14Aug 2019
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Minister commends GGM for continued support country’s economic

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu has commended Geita Gold Mining (GGM) for its continued support and contribution to the country’s development initiatives.

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu.

Kanyansu made the remarks here when addressing a public rally in Geita Urban constituency, saying that GGM has a great contribution especially in the development of Geita town council.

“The development of this town council has been contributed by this company (GGM), the government recognises its support and we commend it,” he said.

Kanyasu who is also a Geita Urban MP said that Geita now stands as among the fast grown towns in Africa due to its development efforts.

According to him, GGM has contributed to uplift a number of sectors including education, health, women and youth.

He also said that the town council has so far dished out loans amounting to 1.7bn/- to women, youth and people with disabilities soothing which promotes development.

“Those who got the loans are now engaging in various economic activities and businesses to improve their income and lives,” he added.

The council has also managed to build six health centres and the regional hospital is on the final stages. This assures the residents of quality health services.

“We also happy to see our newly launched minerals market is injecting collections of 5m/- daily to the region. This is a great step and is going to contribute immensely in development.”

In water sector, Kanyasu said that the Geita town council has been given 100m/- to implement a big water project to serve all residents in the town.

“Experts are already conducting feasibility study ready for the project implementation. Six water-wells have been built to serve the residents as they await for the big project to be completed,” he added.

He further added that the council is also doing well in improving its infrastructures such as roads, electricity and sports.