Minister appeals for education for values, attitudes in schools

12Oct 2019
Aisia Rweyemamu
Dar es Salaam
Financial Times
Minister appeals for education for values, attitudes in schools

MINISTER for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Joyce Ndalichako yesterday stressed on the need for the country’s education system to prepare and produce teachers who will have impact on the values, beliefs, attitudes and practices of young people.

MINISTER for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Joyce Ndalichako

Prof Ndalichako said this in Dar es Salaam when speaking at the Africa Climate Talk (ACT 3), organised by University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) through Mwalimu Nyerere Professorial Chair on Climate Change in collaboration with Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA).

The Minister noted that such an education system should fully integrate scientific, social, gender, cultural, and ethical dimensions.
Prof Ndalichako added: “Education systems need to incorporate local and indigenous knowledge perspectives and practice”.

“Our education system should also be part of the education for sustainable development that helps people to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to make informed decisions for the benefit of themselves and others, now and in the future and to act upon these decisions”, she said.

Prof Ndalichako told the conference that, the education system should also be the kind of education that gives teacher educators a chance to rethink and reflect growing societal awareness and interest in broader sustainability issues.

“We need education system that rethinks its purpose and processes in order to mobilize today’s youth towards building a more sustainable future”, she said.

Pro Ndalichako explained: “To achieve such a revolution of consciousness, we need educators, educational settings, and educational policies and teaching models and practice that are imperative. For this to happen, the ministry and the University of Dar es Salaam have a role to play”.

However, Prof Ndalichako said the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Professorial Chair on Environment and Climate Change is one of the platforms that provide an opportunity to pay homage to the great leader of this country through the academic work in environment and climate change.

The minister said there could not be a better tribute to Mwalimu Nyerere’s great legacy of environment than having the platforms for engaging stakeholders to deliberate on scientific and policy agendas related to environment and climate change.

UDSM Vice Chancellor, Prof Wiliam Anangisye said the recurring climate change disasters that are affecting many regions around the world are a matter of deep concern for us all.

“Science also tells us that there is still a chance for our generation to reverse the current trends and preserve our planet through bold, collective action”, the VC explained.