Minister calls on conservation measures to reduce water loss

17Apr 2021
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Minister calls on conservation measures to reduce water loss

Water minister Jumaa Aweso has directed all directors of water authorities and other stakeholders to work tirelessly and help reduce water loss, saying non-revenue water cost the nation 9bn/- per month and over 100 bn/-annually.

He said in total about 36 per cent of water produced by the authorities get lost as un-billed water, terming it a real threat to livelihood and national development.

The minister maintained that water is a scarce resource and important in life of people as well other living things and is instigated some big members in the society mainly through theft.

"We have to be very serious with the matter and strongly deal with those who disrupt water infrastructure" he said, adding that in most cases it is the common people who are dealt with while 'big fishes' who because great losses are not touched.

Aweso made the remarks when he officiated the launch of a national campaign against water loss, an event organized by Association of Water Supplies (ATAWAS) and several stakeholders.

He said through the campaign members of the public should be sensitized on the importance of saving water, noting that the ministry is undergoing serious revolution to ensure every citizen get water.

He thanked the organizers for the good effort to reduce water loss in the country as well as the annual water conference that bring together stakeholders to deliberate on matters affecting water sector.

Earlier, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water, Eng Anthony Sanga said there is still serious water loss in the country, thanking ATAWAS and other partners for the move to revert the trend.

He called on the organizers to bring on board more stakeholders in the campaign, saying it needs participation of many people.

The PS also underscored the need for serious engagement with media in the programme for they have the needed capacity to educate the public.

"The problem is so big and if no serious efforts are put in place to revert the trend, the dream to make every Tanzanian access water cannot be realized" he said.

He added that to some extent water loss is caused by use of different water meters, saying there are waters meters whose efficiencies are not guaranteed.

According to the PS it is normal to find that one water authority is using more than ten different meters, calling on the relevant authority to conduct research on the best meters to use.

Equity Bank Tanzania is one of the leading partners that worked closely with ATAWAS to organize the campaign.

Speaking at the same event, Equity Bank Tanzania's Executive Director, Easther Kitoke said her institution is working closely with other partners to improve water resources for economic and social development.

"Equity is a big champion in creating change not only in Tanzania but beyond and is committed to changing people's lives" she noted.

The bank she said deploy small, affordable water and sanitation loans to households living in poverty as well as larger, corporate loans to water and sewerage companies.

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