Minister calls for Environmental Assessment of abattoir project

15May 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Minister calls for Environmental Assessment of abattoir project

THE Minister of State Vice President’s office (Union and Environment) Seleman Jafo has given 10-day ultimatum to Kigoma municipal executive director to register and hand over a certificate of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to an abattoir project in the area.

During his two days tour of Kigoma,  Jafo toured the abattoir construction project and found that it was being conducted without any environmental impact assessment.

“I, therefore, direct that this project be registered and given an environmental assessment certificate because it is very essential in conserving the environment,” he said.

He said if the municipal will fail to register the project he will suspend the project.

The minister called upon investors to register their projects so that it meets the criteria to be given an environmental assessment certificate which will help the impacts to the environment.

Jafo said the government aims at inviting more investors into the energy sector so that they invest in producing alternative energy which is friendly to the environment.

He made the remarks soon after touring a solar energy project which is expected to produce 4.8 MW by the year 2025.

According to the minister, the energy which is produced from the Kigoma mini-grid has been very friendly to the environment because it reduces the use of energy generated from fuel. He hailed the region for using green energy as a source of power.

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