Minister challenges women and youth to invest in sisal cultivatioN

06Jul 2020
The Guardian
Minister challenges women and youth to invest in sisal cultivatioN

​​​​​​​MINISTER of State in the Prime Minister Office (Investment) Angela Kairuki has challenged women, youth and people with disabilities to wisely grab loan opportunities at district councils and use the monies to invest in sisal cultivation.

According to her, the crop which is among the top cash crops in the country is likely to boost their incomes due to its demand within and outside the country.

Kairuki was speaking here yesterday soon after she toured sisal plantations belonging to Mohamed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (METL) in Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region.

The minister, who was also informed on the shortage of sisal processing machines, urged that investing in sisal cultivation is among the best ways for citizens to generate a good income.

She advised them to form groups to easily access the loans which they may also use to purchase sisal processing machines. She also called upon local leaders to encourage more people to venture into sisal cultivation due to economic benefits.

“It is easier for you to access loans through groups; the monies you get can purchase the sisal processing machines. Farmers’ cooperative unions can also invest in sisal processing, it is a good opportunity,” she noted adding the crop’s demand is still high globally.

Kairuki added: “The demand for sisal is high, local leaders should continue sensitizing people to establish sisal farms at all the suitable areas, door are also open for investors to establish sisal processing plants.”

According to the minister there are 11 large and small scale factories that process sisal including the other70 small factories located at different parts of the country.

Earlier, Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Manager in the northern zone, Daudi Riganda challenged the investor—METL to continue establishing sisal plantations to reap more profits.

“Investors must make use of the abundant fertile land which is suitable for the crop. We still have an ample land which can be used to cultivate the crop,” said Riganda noting the region’s weather is perfectly suitable for growing sisal.

Mwanga District Commissioner, Thomas Apson said they are planning to conduct special programmes to educate the villagers on the importance of sisal farming. He said those already cultivating the crop have improved their welfare.

The DC promised to convene a meeting which will bring together business and agriculture officers to discuss on how to promote sisal farming. He said the district is ready to provide loans to farmers, but the challenge is that most of them do not repay the monies on time.

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