Minister challenges water utility on raising revenue collections

13Jul 2018
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Minister challenges water utility on raising revenue collections

MINISTER for Water and Irrigation, Prof Makame Mbarawa, has challenged the Dodoma Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (DUWASA) to raise revenue collection from 1.3bn/- to 1.8bn/- within six months.

MINISTER for Water and Irrigation, Prof Makame Mbarawa.

Speaking here shortly after visiting the authority, he  said it is not justifiable for the utility body to collect such a small amount despite the increased number of customers, especially now that the government has moved to the capital city.


During his one-day tour of water projects at the designated capital, Prof Mbarawa called for increased revenue collection that matches with its consumer base.


He said with the government's relocation to Dodoma, the authority has a capital of potential consumers. Consequently, the increase should be reflected in revenue collections.


"As at now DUWASA is generating only   1.3bn/-, but I want this to increase to at least   1.8bn/- in the next six months," said the minister.


 He urged the management to conduct soul searching since there is no way with the increasing water use but the collection remains at 1.3bn/-, saying it unacceptable..


"CEO your performance will be appraised especially in this criteria. We need increased revenue generation to improve infrastructure and address other challenges in the sector and in so doing offer the best services."


He underscored the need for the ministry employees to observe integrity by working for the common public interests instead of dealingwith unfaithful customers to sabotage DUWASA.


Welcoming the Minister, Duwasa chief executive officer, Eng David Pallangyo outlined some of the challenges as including water leakages that stand at 28.7 per cent.


"Some of the meters are outdated. We are planning to bring in new water measurement machines so that tap water theft and leakages are controlled," he said.


He also decried the outstanding debt, mainly in public offices, saying they are some of the teething problems facing the organization.