Minister commends Brela for improved business environment

29Jun 2020
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Minister commends Brela for improved business environment

THE government has commended Business Registration and Licensing Agency (Brela) for improved business climate by offering business and ICT trainings, urging the Agency to extend the exercise to all regions as fast as possible. 

Industry and Trade Deputy Minister, Engineer Stela Manyanya.

The call was made yesterday in Dar es Salaam by Industry and Trade Deputy Minister, Engineer Stela Manyanya, when closing five days training conducted for Mwanza, Mbeya and Mtwara regions at Brela’s headquarters.

The training aimed at creating awareness to business officers about different activities especially on how to register businesses and updating company and businesses information so that they can be able to teach business community and register business people at their work places.

Manyanya said Brela has done a commendable job to train such kind of manpower but they are supposed to go fast to reach many regions as soon as possible to enable those officers to register many companies and businesses at their work places.

Engineer Manyanya said  the move by Brela to register businesses electronically will make it easy for businesses registration all over the country and there would be no need for someone to travel all the way from the countryside to town centres for businesses or companies registration.

“You are doing a wonderful job but we don’t have time to wait we are supposed to go as fast as possible so that we can  reach all business and ICT officers in all regions and teach them on how to register businesses so that we can speak the same language,” said Manyanya

Engineer Manyanya also insisted that during the trainings, Brela must cooperate with other institutes like the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and Weigh and Measures Agency (WMA) so that they create one stop centre in their daily services provision.

Deputy minister said the trained officers should use the skills they have acquired to help business communities on how they are supposed to register their businesses and update their information instead of frustrating them as it was the case in the past.

“You must know that government is not here to frustrate any one instead we are here to create conducive environment for businesses to grow so we must help people to start businesses and register companies,” she said

Engineer Manyanya urged entrepreneurs in the country to use government officers when they need to register their businesses or update their information instead of ‘using man on streets’ who eventually frustrate them.

“You ICT and business officers are very important to the government, because through you we can raise government revenues but sometimes you are involved in corrupt activities something that frustrate the system so please don’t do that,” cautioned Manyanya

Brela Chief Executive Officer, Godfrey Nyaisa said the training aimed at equipping business and ICT officers of different regions to know how  best to register businesses at their work places as a move to reduce operational costs and be close to the communities.

He said the training was conducted by Brela officers adding that those trainers would help to register businesses by using Brela system something that will make it easy for Brela to know the number of businesses that had been registered.

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