Minister Dr Ndumaro leads state delegation at UNWTO conference

02Dec 2021
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Minister Dr Ndumaro leads state delegation at UNWTO conference

TANZANIA’s delegation on tourism  led by the Head of the Tanzanian delegation  Natural Resources and Tourism minister Dr Damas Ndumbaro is in Madrid, Spain for the 24th United nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) conference.

The four-day conference that begun on Tuesday was expected to be opened yesterday and Dr Ndumbaro  is expected to outline  issues that Tanzania would benefit from the gathering.

He mentioned among the issues as including “to make sure we increase the number of tourists visiting Tanzania as well income from tourism and advertising the country’s tourist attractions to the world.”

He mentioned among other matters to advertising the country’s tourism attractions. 

In the first day of the conference, Tanzania had several opportunities, including using the conference itself to advertise the country’s tourist attractions, telling the entire world that Tanzania is safe and urged tourists to come to visit the  country’s attractions. 

“They should come to Tanzania to see Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Zanzibar’s beautiful white beaches and many other attractions we have,” Dr Ndumbaro said.

He added that the second issue at the conference, Tanzania will sign the UNWTO Protocol to enable it convene the 65th Tourism Conference in Africa to be held 6 - 8 October 2022 in Arusha.

“We are bringing in this conference as another opportunity for Tanzania, we had already been named to host the Africa Zone Conference on Tourism in Cape Verde, but now we have come to sign the agreement to host the meeting, after which we shall be 100 per cent sure we print  “post cards” to be given to each participant at the Madrid conference, the cards that will assist to advertise our tourist attractions,” he added.

He further said the third issue at the meeting is that Tanzania has been at the fore front fighting for the rights of tourists and will participate in having in place international law on tourism.

“We have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic that nations closed their borders causing tourists in various countries unable to return to their home countries.

“Their right could not be defended by international law, and now we will initiate international laws to defend tourists in foreign countries during such emergency situations, the law that will instill more respect and provide a sense of security to them,” said Dr Ndumbaro.

He added that the conference has many benefits for Tanzania in ensuring that it attains a total of 5 million and over 6bn/- in revenues.

The four-day (30 November to 3 December) conference incorporates various delegations including tourism ministers, heads of states, international organisations, private individuals and other tourism stakeholders.

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