Minister expects exports of quality seeds by 2025

02Jun 2021
The Guardian
Minister expects exports of quality seeds by 2025

AGRICULTURE minister Prof Adolf Mkenda has saluted Seed Co (T) Ltd for producing quality seeds, saying such seeds were important in enabling Tanzania conduct agricultural activities with ease.

Prof Adolf Mkenda.

Visiting the company premises, he praised the ‘seriousness’ he saw, noting that there are bright prospects for Tanzania to export surplus quality seeds in the next few years.

The minister was briefed on the company’s projects during the tour, where he urged the firm to take up intense research on seeds, as a vital division of the agriculture sector. As the company is doing a good job, the government will lend it two farms for extending the research activities it is carrying out, he promised.

“I congratulate you for what you are doing,” he told the company staff, noting that the company has an especially good laboratory. If the company uses it well it will get positive results helping to improve seed quality, helping us boost agriculture sector performance.

He appealed to major institutions like the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) and the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), to engage in research that helps growers and to quicken agro-sector development, emphasizing that the government wants to see Tanzania having quality seeds that are competitive in local and foreign markets.

The private sector needs to invest in the agriculture sector to create employment, as the sector has many opportunities that appeal to entrepreneurs, he added.

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