Minister Nape congratulates Airtel, Jubilee Insurance, and Axieva

08Dec 2023
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Minister Nape congratulates Airtel, Jubilee Insurance, and Axieva
  • for introducing Health Insurance
  • *He says it will save the lives of Tanzanians and reduce poverty

The Minister of Information, Communications, and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye, has congratulated Airtel Tanzania for its collaboration with Jubilee Insurance and Axieva...

Director of Axieva, Mr. Davrav Dhingra, speaks at the event in Dar es Salaam today. To his right are Airtel Money Director, Mr. Charles Rugambwa, and Minister of Information, Communications, and Information Technology, Hon. Nape Nnauye. introducing Afya Bima Health Insurance services, stating that this service comes at the right time when President Samia Suluhu Hassan signs the Universal Health Insurance Bill, providing an opportunity for more Tanzanians to benefit from the scheme.


Speaking in Dar es Salaam today, Minister Nape said that the Health Insurance service dubbed ‘Afya Bima’ provided by Airtel in collaboration with Jubilee Insurance and Axieva will save the lives and economy of many Tanzanians who were not covered by health insurance, forcing them to use cash and sometimes sell their assets to pay for their own or their dependents' medical bills.


"I take this opportunity to congratulate Airtel Tanzania, Jubilee Insurance, and Axieva because this service is easily accessible through Airtel Money, making it convenient for many Tanzanians to join from anywhere without inconvenience.


"President Samia Suluhu Hassan's government has made significant investments in expanding various health service infrastructures, including building dispensaries at the village level, health centers at the ward level, district hospitals, regional referral hospitals, zonal hospitals, and national hospitals. Therefore, the introduction of ‘Afya Bima’ will help many Tanzanians benefit from the quality healthcare provided in public hospitals," said Minister Nape.


Minister Nape added that the government's investment in healthcare infrastructure would not be meaningful if citizens receive these services slowly, that's why the Sixth Phase Government decided to push forward the agenda for Universal Health Insurance.


"The significant thing is that this insurance targets all Tanzanians, especially those who cannot afford to pay for medical treatment when they fall ill, such as motorcyclists,  taxi drivers and street food vendors, So, this is a significant solution for them to access healthcare while continuing with their lives," said Minister Nape.


Speaking at the event, Airtel Money Director, Mr. Charles Rugambwa, said that the Health Insurance service, Afya Bima,  is one of Airtel's strategies to bring innovative and easy-to-join services to Tanzanians through digital means, all Airtel Money customers can join using smartphones or non-smartphones handsets.


"Since Afya Bima Health Insurance is for everyone, and this is the season leading to the new year, I urge Airtel Money customers to gift their loved ones by paying for Health Insurance packages, this is a meaningful gift.


"It's easy to join, the customer just needs to enter the Airtel Money menu, then select option 6 for Financial Services, then 2 for Insurance, and again 2 for Health Insurance, confirm, and choose the desired package," said Mr. Rugambwa.


On his part, Jubilee Insurance CEO, Dr. Harold Adamson, expressed joy in partnering with other stakeholders to introduce this new service for Tanzanians, especially those using the Airtel network, he mentioned that the Health Insurance has three plans: Afya Poa, Afya Supa, and Afya Dhahabu, allowing customers to choose packages based on their needs.


"Afya Poa Insurance aims to reimburse lost income when a patient is hospitalized. The patient will be reimbursed between TZS 20,000 and TZS 50,000. Additionally, Afya Poa provides a funeral insurance benefit of up to TZS 1 million, and for accidents, disability, or death, a benefit of up to TZS 500,000. The cost of its packages ranges from TZS 6,000 to TZS 35,000, depending on the customer's needs.


"On the other hand, Afya Supa and Afya Dhahabu offer the benefit of receiving medical services without payment. Afya Supa covers medical expenses of up to TZS 5 million, including both inpatient and outpatient treatment. This insurance has packages ranging from TZS 15,000 to TZS 45,000 per year, depending on the customer's requirements. Afya  Supa also includes maternity benefits of up to TZS 2 million," he explained.


Earlier, Airtel Tanzania's Director of Corporate Communications, Ms. Beatrice Singano, stated that the company is implementing the directives of the Minister of Information, Communications, and Information Technology to ensure that ICT service providers use their skills to assist all citizens, adding value to the sector.


She said that the new Health Insurance service will benefit approximately 17.5 million Tanzanians using the Airtel network, allowing them to access affordable medical treatment in over 600 healthcare facilities nationwide, providing relief to citizens during illnesses and enabling them to continue working.


Customers joining Afya Bima Health Insurance will be able to access medical services based on the hospitals registered by the Ministry of Health, including public hospitals, private hospitals, and mission hospitals, as per the provided list.