Minister orders power connection within major cities 

07May 2019
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Minister orders power connection within major cities 

ENERGY Minister Dr Medard Kalemani had given until June 30th 2019 to the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) to make sure all the streets within major cities  were connected to the national grid.

ENERGY Minister Dr Medard Kalemani

He made the remarks on Sunday shortly after his tour of Dodoma city where most of the houses  were not connected with electricity. Dr Kalemani was accompanied by Tanesco managing director, Dr Tito Mwinuka, Assistant Commissioner for Renewable Energy, Edward Ishengoma and officials from the ministry.

“Residents of Ntyuka and Mkonze in Dodoma should be connected to the national grid by June 30th this year…this should also include those residing in the outskirts of Arusha city”, said the minister calling upon the residents to ensure safe electrical wiring systems of their houses.

Dr Kalemani said the deadline for power connection in other regions is December, this year.

He urged Tanecso officials to make sure all the customers who had paid for electricity services are connected on time.

Before the tour, Dr Kalemani held a meeting with Tanesco and the ministry’s to officials to discuss the various efforts currently implemented by the state utility firm to ensure power services reached every citizen.

They also charted to increase power production as well as ensuring reliable electricity services.

“Customers who had already paid for power connection should get the service by end of this month”, he noted

The government is set to increase power production through implementation on various projects including the Stiegler’s Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station (SGHPS), on the Rufiji River, in the Selous Game Reserve.

The hydropower plant which is expected to be finalized in 42 months and will have the capacity to produce 2,115 MW by April 2022 and thus will increase the country’s current power production capacity of 1,560 MW.

It will include a 400 KV substation and transmission lines integrated into the national electricity grid.

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