Minister praises Makambako drugs, medical devices plant

20Jul 2021
The Guardian
Minister praises Makambako drugs, medical devices plant

CONSTRUCTION of a drugs and medical equipment factory at Makambako in Njombe Region will facilitate access to quality, quick health services and reduce importation costs, thus enabling the government to save 33bn/-.

Dr Dorothy Gwajima, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children made this observation when visiting the factory sited at Idofi Village in Makambako district.

"I have looked at your statistics as we are finalising the factory’s construction to produce surgical gloves, drug tablets, capsules and syrups, finding out that the government will save 33bn/- to buy these products,” she remarked.

She said the government would have needed extra 33bn/- to purchase the items within and outside the country but this money will now be saved by accessing such equipment from the government factory.

The project provides an answer to the government’s vow to reduce the cost of products that can be produced in the country instead of importing them.

Dr Gwajima commended the regional authorities and people of the area for setting aside the land, considering that the factory’s products would greatly be service to the whole country.

"Therefore we must recognise this big contribution from Makambako and its people will be the first to benefit. I don’t expect to hear they do not have gloves or drugs as per the saying that charity begins at home,’” the minister affirmed.

Maj. Gen. Gabriel Mhidze, the managing director for Medical Stores Department (MSD) said the factory’s construction was now 90 per cent complete, noting that the gloves division will have the capacity to 20,000 pieces per hour making it 86.4m pairs produced annually.

Similarly, the factory will be used to produce 425,000 tablets, 330,000 capsules and up to 180,000 of 100mls of various drugs hourly, he added.