Minister rubbishes VETA construction  project report

26Jan 2021
The Guardian
Minister rubbishes VETA construction  project report

​​​​​​​EDUCATION, Science and Technology deputy minister Omari Kipanga has slammed the report for the construction of VETA College in Ikungi District, Singida Region after he registered his concern over the amount of money so far spent on the project.

​​​​​​​EDUCATION, Science and Technology deputy minister Omari Kipanga.

In the circumstances the deputy minister instructed the police in Ikungi District to arrest four government officials who were supervising the college’s construction to pave way for investigations on funds embezzlement.

He issued the instructions after inspecting work progress of the project to cost 1.6bn/- and discovered loopholes of funds embezzlement.

The issue also placed in a bad spot the project’s supervising committee after the deputy minister dissolved it.

He named the officials detained for further investigations as including the head of the VETA College Paulo Batoleki, procurement officer Lyina Nimrod, construction supervisor Salumu Mohamed and the acting accountant Dlusy Rwejuna.

In addition, the deputy minister directed the Prevention and combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Ikungi District to immediately launch investigations on the four officials.

For his part, Ikungi Distract Commissioner Edward Mpogoro said since the start of the project’s construction there have been a big secrecy in getting its report from project’s authorities.

The DC, who is also the chairman of the District Defence and Security Committee said whenever they visit the project’s site for inspection, they have been unable to get from the relevant officials reports on the project’s various agreements as well the true cost of the project.

In the circumstances, Mpogoro disowned all technicians of the project.

Earlier, presenting his report to the deputy minister, the head of the VETA College in Singida Region Paulo Batoleki said the project that begun march 18 last year was expected to be completed within 12 months.

However, he mentioned some of the challenges they faced as including lack of all-weather road to the construction site for transportation of building equipment and materials and scarcity of cement between September and October last year.

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