Minister tasks paramilitary training graduates restore natural forests

15Apr 2019
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Minister tasks paramilitary training graduates restore natural forests

NATURAL Resources and Tourism Deputy Minister Costantine Kanyasu has tasked paramilitary training graduates to restore the destructed natural vegetation at various forests across the country.

NATURAL Resources and Tourism Deputy Minister Costantine Kanyasu

He made the statement over the weekend when speaking at a closing ceremony for 140 officers of the Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) who graduated from military training conducted at the Mlele military training camp in Katavi region.

“As you are aware, that economic activities going on throughout the country contributes to destruction of environment. We cannot stop people from conducting such economic activities but there should be a way of ensuring environmental conservation”, said Kanyasu.

He warned that Tanzania may turn into a desert if efforts are not taken to combat the situation and restore destructed natural vegetation.

He told the graduated TFS officers to work closely with the people taking into consideration sustainable development.

The Deputy Minister noted that the country is now experiencing a number of natural disasters such as floods and drought which have been caused by climate change. He said with the poor management of the environment, it will be difficult to combat climate change.

“It is my hope that apart from securing our forests you will boost efforts to restore destruction natural vegetation”, he said.

TFS Chief Executive Officer, Prof Dos Santos Silayo said they arrived to the decisions to equip the officers with military training after realizing the country was facing several environment conservation challenges which are mostly linked to human activities.

“The training will enhance the capacity of our officers in guarding the forests and reserved areas. We have established a special department which will be making follow up on received information”, said Prof Silayo adding that the officers are ready to work and take immediate actions whenever tipped of an incident at the forests across the country.

The ministry has now changed its forest surveillance system to paramilitary whereas TFS has been training its officers to adopt with the new system. The closing ceremony was attended by officials from the ministry, TFS board members, citizens and members of the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Tourism.

TFS is a government agency established to develop and manage forest and bee resources sustainably in collaboration with stakeholders in order to deliver sufficient and quality goods and services to meet local and international

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