Minister tells midwives not to use foul language to patients

29Jul 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Minister tells midwives not to use foul language to patients

ZANZIBAR Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender and Children, Nassor Ahmed Mazrui has expressed his displeasure on services provided by some nurses and midwives at government hospitals.

He said some of them have been using foul language to patients at hospitals, especially to pregnant women.

The minister made the remarks here on Tuesday as he was speaking to nurses and midwives at a forum convened to assess the performance of nurses and midwives in Zanzibar.

He said she had received many complaints from pregnant women who go to Zanzibar’s Mnazi Mmoja and Mwembe Ladu hospitals for delivery saying they were subjected to foul language.

“Personally I made some little research by interrogating pregnant women who say they prefer male midwives than female because female midwives humiliate them while male ones treat them well while consoling them,” said the minister.

He explained that there are cases of humiliating by midwives especially when women give birth to large size babies who they pull them out hastily thereby causing deformation to some of the babies.


He called upon nurses and midwives to use soft language and avoid foul language to pregnant women going to hospitals for delivery.

He called upon them to adhere to work ethics and guidelines regarding their profession when performing their duties.

He added that it would be better for each nurse and midwife to assess her performance to abide by the ethics and guidelines.

He called upon them to be well accountable in their profession and not wasting time chatting to their mobile phones during work, saying that was contrary to their work ethics.

On their part, nurses and midwives who attended the forum said they will work on the directives provided by the minister, but also called for the authorities to work on the challenges they face, including being given the opportunity to defend themselves wherever they go wrong instead of prompt suspension. 

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