Minister unhappy with inadequate funds for land surveying in Kagera

30Mar 2020
The Guardian
Minister unhappy with inadequate funds for land surveying in Kagera

DEPUTY Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Dr Angeline Mabula has expressed dissatisfaction over the amount of money set aside by the eight councils of Kagera region for planning, surveying and allocation of land plots within the councils.

This came about after the deputy minister had talked  with the councils’ executive directors  to know how much money each council in the region had been set aside for the said purposes for the coming 2020/21 financial year in efforts to ensure all land areas are surveyed in order to eradicate land conflicts.

While in her two-day official tour in Kagera region at the weekend Dr Mabula identified two district councils – Misenyi and Kyerwa that had at least set aside 30m/- each for planning, surveying and allocation of land areas.

According to Misenyi district executive director Innocent Mkandara  council had set aside 50m/- for land purposes out of which 30m/- will be spent for surveying.

Kyerwa district executive director Shadrack Magamba said his council had set aside 30m/- for surveying work and 25m/- for village planning.

The region’s other councils have set aside below 30m/- for the said purpose with Karagwe district council coming last setting aside 13m/- and whose executive director Godwin Kitonga explained that a huge chunk will be spent in land allocation work.

Dr Mabula said the amount set aside by Kagera region’s councils for land planning, and allocation was too small and does not show whether their directors had serious intentions in regard to the pace expected by her ministry.

She however added that in order to see all land areas are surveyed for allocation to those in need her ministry has begun a procedure to provide zero-interest loans to the councils for the purpose, and added that during the current financial year 24 councils were provided with such loans.

“In the FY 2020/21 the lands ministry is expected to receive 7b/- for loans to councils hence it is advisable for the directors to grab the opportunity to apply for same.

Meanwhile, the issue of land rent collections in Kagera region irked Dr Mabula, saying the region is  at the bottom of the list, followed by Rukwa region in land rent collections, and added that up to now the region had collected only 801m/- (or 23 per cent) out of 3.3b/- supposed to be collected.