Minister urges councilors to work with small miners to solve conflicts

19Feb 2021
The Guardian
Minister urges councilors to work with small miners to solve conflicts

​​​​​​​MINERALS Minister Doto Biteko has instructed ministry’s workers to ensure they work together with Councilors to finalize small miners’ conflicts in various areas of the country by meting out justice.

​​​​​​​MINERALS Minister Doto Biteko.

The minister issued the instructions yesterday when opening a one-day workshop of councilors of Geita Rural area organized by Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (TEITI).

He said he likes to see councilors becoming first arbitrators of conflicts of small miners and called on them to abide by justice in their decisions.

“Discard idle talk that these were mere politicians, but politicians do not come by themselves, they were trusted by the people and got elected, and after this workshop, TEITI should make sure you visit all mining companies to find out those who do not pay service levy,” he said.

Biteko stressed that amendment to the mining law has spurred the country’s development through money from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), service levy and tax imposed by TRA.

He said last year, the oil, minerals and natural gas sector contributed 33.76 per cent of TRA’s revenues including 16.7 per cent from oil and gas and 17.06 per cent from the minerals sector.

TEITI Chairman Ludovic Uttoh said TEITI’s 2015 law has helped revenue collection from mining companies in the past 10 years to reach 8.03tr/- and that the workshops conducted aim to inform its responsibilities and increase people’s participation in CSR.

Minerals Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Prof Simon Msanjila said workshops conducted by TEITI in the country are among projects conducted by the ministry under sponsorship of the World Bank at a cost of 1.7tr/-.

Geita Regional Commissioner Eng Robert Gabriel said amendments to the mining law and the establishment of minerals markets have helped the region to collect 4bn/- from August to December last year and increased government income to 63.8bn in 2020.

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