Minister urges leaders to embark on land tours

24Jul 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Minister urges leaders to embark on land tours

DEPUTY Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Dr Angeline Mabula has urged government executives in the lands department to participate in leader’s tours so as to respond to queries raised by wananchi.

“When top government leaders visit your area you must be present to provide clarifications on various issues raised by citizens. This will help us in making decisions,” said the deputy minister.

She made the remarks during her meeting with officials from the lands department in Mtwara Region on Friday whereas she urged them to come up a database for all the land disputes.

“With such a register it would be easily for leaders to understand the progress reached in dealing with certain disputes. Sometimes leaders receive complaints on similar land disputes in every visit,” she added.

She wanted all the district authorities to start conducting public education to sensitize people to pay land levies. She said such programmes can be conducted through the media such as radios and televisions.

Mabula said plans are underway to introduce a levy collection competition that will include all the districts in the region, a move she said would help to boost revenues generated from the lands sector.

She said civil servants in the land department must be part of solutions instead of fuelling land conflicts. She some dishonest servants have been contributing into increased disputes due to double allocation of land plots.

The Deputy Minister noted that the ministry has been working closely with the district authorities in providing support in surveying and formalization of land plots. She however said that the districts are responsible for land use planning in their respective areas.

She said the ministry is not supposed to be part of land use planning at district level, but it is forced to take part in the exercise because some district have used the provided funds for land use planning and surveying for other activities.

According to her, each of the district received between 200m/- and 300m/- from the central government.

One of the Mtwara residents, Sheikh Nurdin Abdalaah Manguji who owns some 8.704 hectares of land at the Shangani West area requested the Deputy Minister to assist him in processing a tax relief saying he previously failed to pay land levies because he was yet to be provided with land ownership documents.

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