Minister urges men to report GBV cases

28Nov 2019
Joseph Mwendapole
The Guardian
Minister urges men to report GBV cases

THE minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Ummy Mwalimu has urged men not to be ashamed to report gender-based violence (GBV) cases to police gender desks for them to access legal aids.

Mwalimu made the remarks yesterday in Dodoma when officiating the launching of sixteen days of activism at Jamhuri stadium.

Sixteen days of activism is cerebrated every year from November 25 to December 10 and was coordinated by Women in Law and Development Africa (WiLDAF) in collaboration with Network of Gender Based Violence Defenders (MKUKI).

She said GBV is all about men and women so there is no need for men to feel shy to report to gender desks when they face any forms of gender based violence from their homes.

The minister also directed community development officers to make sure they establish efficient security committees to protect women and children against GBV.

She said the establishment of those committees is among directives of national plan to end cruelty against women and children all over the country.

She further directed community development officers from all district councils to establish social programmes to end gender based violence and assist the victims of GBV.

 “I also thank institutions which made this launching possible, these include; UN Women, Legal Services Facility (LSF), Foundation for Civil Society, Irish Aid, PACT Tanzania, LHRC, Restless Development and Freedom House. I’m not sure if without you things could have happened like this so we appreciate your contributions for this tremendous job,” she said.

The minister ensured the public that the government will continue working hand in hand with non state actors to end gender based violence to ensure women and children live comfortable and are protected against any forms of GBV from the community.

Director of WiLDAF, Anna Kulaya, described GBV as inhuman saying it has been among obstacles for the country to reach the 17 goals of sustainable development especially gender equality.

Anna said that it is obvious that it is not easy for the country to realise its vision of being middle income country if GBV will continue to happen among our communities adding that sexual offence has been on the rise every year.

Citing the police report on crime 2019, Anna said there were 11,759 incidence occurred and among of them 7,617 were of rape cases.

 “It is very sad to know that many people who are involved in GBV incidents are close relatives of the family of the victims, teachers and other peoples who are trusted to raise children or stay with women from their families,” she said, adding: “The situation is bad because there are cases of rape in public spaces.”

“I wish to see Tanzania which everyone in the society will have equal rights and where women and children will be free to walk without fear at night on the streets.”

According to her, this year’s campaign aim to encourage more men to take part in ending GBV.

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