Minister wants all state organs to pay water bills

20Apr 2016
Bilham Kimati
The Guardian
Minister wants all state organs to pay water bills

GOVERNMENT ministries and departments owing water authorities will have no more excuses for failing to pay their bills after improvement of the budget allocation.

Minister for Water, Eng Gershon Kwenge

Speaking at Bunge grounds in Dodoma yesterday, Minister for Water, Eng Gershon Kwenge confirmed about concluded negotiations with concerned ministries and departments on regular clearance of water bills to sustain water services.

“Previously some departments claimed to have been unable to clear water bills on grounds that budget allocation was not enough. We (the ministry) have sorted out the matter with relevant authorities to make sure that every water user pays bills,” he said.

The minister also announced that there will be increased water supply in Dar es Salaam over the next few weeks following completion of expansion work of two major water treatment plants of Upper and Lower Ruvu in Bagamoyo district in Coast region.

“Expansion of Lower Ruvu is completed by 99 percent and production awaits completion of laying down new pipes running 56 kilometres from the source to the main tank near the University of Dar es Salaam which also has been renovated.

New pumps have been installed in addition to a construction of water clarifiers to increase production from 182 million to 270 million litres a day. As for Upper Ruvu Water Treatment Plant the supply will increase from 92 million litres to 196 million a day,” Lwenge said.

DAWASA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Archard Mutalemwa said that the target was to supply Dar es Salaam with 756 million litres of water a day before end of next year.

“Ongoing drilling of 20 deep wells in Kimbiji and Mpera in Mkuranga in addition to the supply from Upper and Lower Ruvu together with Mtoni source, the city will surely receive good supply to match the population growth and continued expansion,” Mutalemwa said.

Commenting on proper use and control of water theft largely through illegal connections, DAWASCO CEO, Eng. Cyprian Luhemeja said production, supply and distribution of water was costly and upaid bills are unjustifiable.

“We have improved the information system calling for the publc to help reveal any illegal activity undermining efforts by water authorities to meet people’s objectives. Deployment of special investigative teams will help the company devise comprehensive strategies to combat the level of non-revenue water,” Luhemeja explained.

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