Minister warns cashew plans saboteurs

09Dec 2018
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Minister warns cashew plans saboteurs

THE government said yesterday that any attempt to sabotage its plans to process cashew nuts will be dealt with immediately.

The Minister for Industries, Trade and Investment Joseph Kakunda made this affirmation in an address to local cashew nut processors in a meeting here yesterday.

He said the government plans to task them to process all cashew nuts and they need to detail their processing capacity in two days, and their charges.

The government has in recent months been working to process all the nuts being bought from farmers and export processed nuts.

“We know some will be aggressive with our decision, they are ready to do anything to sabotage us. We are more than ready to deal with them,” the minister said.

He said the move by the government will suffocate some foreign cashew processors and they may seek local agents to mount them for retaliation in order to sabotage the process.

“Some people in the processing countries will lose jobs due to lack of raw materials,” he said, insisting that this is an economic battle, “we will win and are patriotic to our nation.”

He said the county had eight working cashew processing factories out of 23, with those working capable of processing 40,000 metric tonnes in a year.

He said these plants need to lay down their costs of processing the nuts and see how they can work with the government to ensure the nuts are processed.

On his part, Minister for Agriculture Japhet Hasunga said crop production is expected to reach 275,000 tonnes and that all the nuts will be processed in the country, which will in turn create jobs for the public.

“We have banned exportation of raw cashew nuts…We are now commissioning local processors to process on behalf of the government,” he said.

Suleiman Millanzi, the general manager of local cashew nuts processing Yaun Cashew nut Co. Ltd hailed the government’s decision saying it will empower local cashew processors.