Minister Zungu: NEMC has fared well despite challenges

20Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Minister Zungu: NEMC has fared well despite challenges

​​​​​​​THE National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has done a big job to the nation’s development  despite many challenges that would have otherwise hampered its performance, Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office Mussa Zungu, said in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Mussa Zungu

He told journalists after a familiarisation tour of Dar es Salaam NEMC premise that   the council had charged its responsibilities well in protecting Tanzania’s environment despite many challenges on the way.

NEMC, he said, firmly protected the environment without becoming a stumbling block in the implementation of the national industrialisation agenda.

He pledged to support the council in taking further steps to protect Tanzania’s environment.

“I congratulate NEMC on how it has fulfilled its duties in a situation fraught with the many challenges I have been told.  They have protected environment without demoralizing the many investors who have come forward to invest in our country because of good policies,” he told reporters, adding that although he has been a minister for a very short time, the talks he had with NEMC workers were a source of motivation and he was determined to carry on with vigour the work of his predecessors.

The minister said he appreciated the need for making NEMC a full-fledge authority with powers to prosecute, punish and make decisions without having to pass through a very long process.

“I have a feeling that making NEMC a full-fledged authority will be a good thing for our country.  I will take all that I been told to right places so that decisions that are beneficial to our nation can be made,” he pledged.

The minister has also visited places associated with NEMC offices  in Dodoma and has talked to  foreign envoys in connection with Tanzania’s efforts towards protecting environment.

NEMC Director General Samuel Gwamaka said the minister’s visit was a very well come development because, he said, the council has forwarded to the Vice-President’s Offices expert recommendations for the government to consider.

 “We want all people to live in a friendly environment. I have taken advantage of the minister’s visit to explain our plans, what we are doing and the challenges we are meeting on the way.  His visit is very important to us.  We shall work with renewed dynamism and therefore increase efficiency,” said Dr Gwamaka said.