Ministry lays siege to end capital city’s water woes

22Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Ministry lays siege to end capital city’s water woes

​​​​​​​WATER ministry senior officials will from today camp at the offices of the Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (DUWASA) to supervise speedy implementation of ongoing projects, minister. Jumaa Aweso said yesterday.

Touring various water projects whose speed did not impress him, the minister said round the clock supervision from the ministry was needed to end an acute water shortage in the capital city.

With the shift of the seat of government from Dar es Salaam which was essentially implemented in 2019 and being consolidated last year, the city’s water supply and distribution is overstretched with thousands of civil servants shifting to the city.

“DUWASA currently distributes 66m litres of water per day while the actual need is 103m litres. This means parts of the city continually face an acute shortage of water all the time,” he said.

Ministry offices will temporarily be stationed at DUWASA premises not to sit in air-conditioned rooms, take coffee and go home but to examine progress, go to the field and inspect implementation of various projects, he affirmed.

Apart from the influx of civil servants from Dar es Salaam, the shortage of water in the capital has been compounded by numerous construction projects going on in the city, he stated.

After the fifth phase government announced the shift to Dodoma civil servants started relocating, and private sector interests followed suit.  

After the actual shift started taking place; entrepreneurs with eyes for investment opportunities rushed to Dodoma and put up accommodation facilities, private schools, entertainment joints and other services.

The minister said that various projects including 15 deep wells at Mtumba area will significantly reduce water shortages in the capital city zone.

“Seven deep wells are ready for use, adding 21m litres to daily supply,” he said.

Speaking at Buingili Ward in Chamwino District where a water tower is being put up, DUWASA technical manager Kashilimu Mayunga said the tank will be holding up to 2.5m litres from various wells.

“Once complete, this project will end water shortage in Chamwino District, including supplying the State House,” he said. Read More...

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