Ministry vows to ensure farmers receive quality fertiliser on time

20Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Ministry vows to ensure farmers receive quality fertiliser on time

THE Ministry of Agriculture is set to ensure farmers receive quality fertilizer in time as well as continue with its strategies in research for quality seeds and soil testing in order to reap more benefits for them from farming.

Agriculture minister Prof Adolf Mkenda.

The Agriculture minister Prof Adolf Mkenda gave the remarks here at the weekend when addressing reporters soon after a meeting of Tanzania Fertiliser Regulatory Authority (TFRA) board.

Prof. Mkenda said for agriculture to be beneficial there must be plans in place that would ensure the increase of crops production including the availability of fertilizer while opposing recommendation for increase of indicative prices.

“The Ministry does not accept recommendations for the increase of indicative prices because our plans and strategies is to increase production. We have the responsibility to reduce challenges facing farmers including the availability of quality seeds, soli testing and the application of low cost fertiliser,” said Prof. Mkenda.

He called on the Board to work together with Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) to enable the provision of education on soil testing and the correct application of fertiliser.

“This Board has done a great job, but it can go further by working together with TARI and other stakeholders from this important sector for the increase of the national income as well as crating more job opportunities,” he said.

He added: “In addition to applying quality fertiliser irrigation farming, and soil testing, I call upon the experts to go to areas where farmers conduct their activities.”

For his part TFRA Board Chairman Antony Mshandete said they will continue to work on the Ministry’s directives and other stakeholders in the sector in order to bring about great revolution in agriculture.

TFRA was established in 2009 through Act No 9 as an organ to oversee the law, policy and regulations governing the production, importing and application of fertiliser in the country.

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