MOI workers challenged on creativity at workplace

25May 2019
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MOI workers challenged on creativity at workplace

WORKERS of the Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) have been challenged to be creative by coming up with ideas to improve services and cope with new challenges.

The Director General of the Institute, Dr. Respicious Boniface said this in Tanga region at the opening of the 4th MOI workers’ council meeting held at the Regional Commissioner’s office.

“These are times to be creative. You must be innovative and do away with the normal routine of doing things…there must be ideas to improve our services and boost revenues”, said Dr Boniface.

He stressed the need for good customer care insisting being creative will help improve their relationship with patients since they are not like normal business customers.

“We take care of different customers; most of them are difficult to deal with because of the nature of their problems. You cannot expect a patient to smile as if he/she was coming to a bank, it is your role to make her feel relieved”, he said.

Dr Boniface added that some patients come at the hospital at serious conditions and they cannot afford to smile because they are also thinking of the cost of medical treatment.

He explained that good customer care was critical because even traditional healers have their way of comforting customers and assuring them recovery before starting treatment.

“Sometimes I wish to call them to teach us the psychological knowledge gap that we are missing”, he said.

He also spoke of the need for the highest medical institution to do away with images of corruption saying such an image was not good for the institution.

Dr Boniface urged MOI workers to stop complaining to the government over shortage of funds to run the institute; instead they strive to improve services which will in-turn boost internal revenues.

“The government is providing capital investments but we should be able to raise funds for our day to day activities. We should not depend on the government because it has a lot of projects to implement”, he said.

He called on workers of the institution to use the current volume of patients as an opportunity to increase internal revenue.

“Looking at the patient volume at the institute, we should collect more of what we are now getting”, he said.

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