More than 16,000 face water woes in aftermath of earthquake

09Jan 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
More than 16,000 face water woes in aftermath of earthquake

OVER 16,000 people in Misenyi District who were hit hard by earthquakes are now in dire need of clean and safe water as original sources of the precious liquid have dried off.

Kanyigo Development Initiative Group (KDIG) secretary Julius Kasano told The Guardian yesterday that thousands of villagers in the district were in need of the precious liquid.

He said that Kanyigo and Kashenye wards were among the hardest hit by drought in the district, which is located on the western shores of Lake Victoria.

“Women and children right now are trekking long distances looking for water as the available sources, such as Wela, Lugonwa, Mlola, Kashawe have dried up,” Kasano said.

“Right now the situation for villagers living at Bweyunge, Bugombe, Kigarama, Kikukwa Kishenge, Busaizi, Nshumba, Biazi and Bumiro in Kanyigo Ward is not good because Lukwenge , Kishaba, Wela, Rugonwa, and Mlola springs have dried up and villagers travel long distances to fetch water in the nearby villages,” he said.

“We don’t understand why this situation has happened to us...we have never seen a situation like this since 1949. We are just wondering if it’s Climate Change or earthquake tragedy that has caused all springs in all area to dry up,” he said, calling on the government to help them by addressing the water woes in the area.

The price of water per jerrican of 20 litres ranges between 500/- to 1000/-.
Highlighting what should be done, he said Kanyigo and Kashenye residents called on the government to revive Kanyigo Water Supply Scheme which was established by the government in the 1970s to help people access safe water for their domestic use.

They suggested the need for the government to supply them with water from Lake Victoria, as the area was about 5 kilometres long.

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