MP raises concern over high fees imposed to small-scale fishermen

08Feb 2020
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MP raises concern over high fees imposed to small-scale fishermen

MEMBER of Parliament for Mtambile constituency (CUF) Masoud Abdallah Salim yesterday raised concern over high charges imposed to small-scale fishermen from Zanzibar who are conducting their activities along Tanga fishing sea.

Masoud Abdallah Salim

The MP said this in the House during the questions and answers session calling on the government to probe the matter.

In his basic question, MP Masoud claimed that the fishers are being charged up to 10,000/- per month by Marine Park Unit officials, which according to him is too high.

He said that most of fishermen from Isles have been facing a number of obstacles when conducting their activities which include high fines and being arrested something which affects their development.

Responding, deputy minister for Fisheries Abdallah Ulega promised to investigate the matter.

According to him, the sector is being governed by laws and regulations so if the charges opposed to the fishermen were illegal, the ministry will take stern measures to those involved.

Ulega however said that fishing in the national waters was not a union matter as per the Tanzania Constitution.

“As per the Fisheries Act no 22 of 2003 and its regulations of 2009 as well as the amendments of 2018 and 2019 directs that any fisherman who shifts his fishing activities from one place to another should have a licence and all permits to enable him conducts his activities smoothly,” Ulega highlighted.

In regard to that, all fees and levies should be charged as per the governing laws and regulations.

“The ministry has embarked on various strategies to address various challenges facing the sector including nuisance fees imposed to fishers to conduct their activities in various parts. We have also been educating the fishermen to adhere to the country’s laws,” he noted.

He also added that the government was reviewing some fishery laws to enable Tanzanians to benefit more from the country’s marine resources.

The deputy minister further noted that the fisheries sector is among the important economic sub sectors of the economy in Tanzania. The sector provides substantial employment, incomes, livelihoods, foreign earnings and revenue to the country.

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