MP wants task force to oversee universities’ syllabus

22Jun 2022
Mary Kadoke
The Guardian
MP wants task force to oversee universities’ syllabus

SPECIAL Seats MP, Nusrat Hanje has urged the government to formulate a national task force that will oversee universities’ syllabus to link up with the employment opportunities.

SPECIAL Seats Member of Parliament (MP), Nusrat Hanje

Nusrat's remarks came after she claimed that some colleges and universities offer course training out of syllabus.

“The government should intervene and initiate a special organ that will oversee university syllabus that will meet the national recruitment portal demand,” she said.


She said there have been on and off reviews to the nursery, primary and secondary, and rare to colleges and university levels, hence it's time that the government put seriousness to curbing unemployment.


“There have been so many curriculum reviews of which to me it has always been like a drama as so many conferences have been handled with unpleasant implementation.”


She added that in 1981, the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, created the Makweta Commission to review the education system.


Likewise in the year 1990/1992 President Ali Hassan Mwinyi created a National Task Force to review the education sector

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