Mpanda motorcyclist killed by lightning strike

01Apr 2020
The Guardian
Mpanda motorcyclist killed by lightning strike

​​​​​​​A RESIDENT from Mpanda hotel area in Mpanda Municipality in Katavi region Paulo Chundu (27)  has died  on the spot after he was struck   by   lightning bolt as he was  coming back  from his farm.

Katavi Regional Police Commander Benjamin Kuzaga.

A lightning bolt is a discharge of potential energy built up between the negatively charged cloud and positively charged earth in cloud to ground lightning or in between the negatively charged portion of a cloud and the positively charged portion in cloud to cloud lightning.

Katavi Regional Police Commander Benjamin Kuzaga said in a press statement that the incident happened Tuesday this week at around 6.00 in the evening at Kalilankuluku area, Kabungu Ward in Tanganyika district.

Kuzaga said before the tragic incident the deceased left home saying he was taking food for his rice farm workers   located in Ikaka village where he arrived safely.

The RPC further said after reaching his farm and delivered food, he briefly inspected the farm and then left for home.

While on the way there were signs  for rain. However,   he continued with his journey but on reaching Kalilankulukulu   he was struck by a lightning bolt and died on the spot. His    body was found by -passers  sprawled on the middle of the road.

He said thereafter the wananchi reported the incident to the police who arrived and took the body to Katavi Referral Hospital where it was preserved.

RPC Kuzaga said after autopsy the body will be given to relatives for burial.