Mpina: End-of-month cleanliness obligatory

25Sep 2016
The Guardian Reporter
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Mpina: End-of-month cleanliness obligatory

The Deputy Minister in the Vice President’s Office for Environment, Luhaga Mpina, has issued directives to all district commissioners to take to task all those unwilling to take part in general cleanliness on end-of-month Saturdays.

Luhaga Mpina

The deputy minister pronounced the order in Dar es Salaam yesterday when addressing the media after joining residents of Kigamboni together with other local leaders in beach cleaning.

He said leaders at all levels, starting with ward, division, district and region should be punished for acting against a government directive (for cleanliness activities).

“District commissioners have the obligation to take measures against defiant leaders and residents. It is very unfortunate to see that the Kigamboni beach area has been transformed into a dump site and toilets against all environmental values,” Mpina remarked.
He observed that local fishermen in the area have contributed a lot to the filthy beach condition.

“These (fishermen) are the ones responsible for unclean surroundings. We are cleaning the area and they stay away unwilling to take part in the exercise.

The DC must take action against them. Participation in cleanliness is not optional but an obligatory requirement. Any disobedient person is liable for punishment,” Mpina underlined.

He issued a two-day ultimatum to have the Kigamboni beach area thoroughly cleaned and promised to return for inspection in the near future, noting that protection and improvement of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Commenting on health risks, Mpina said filthy conditions would precipitate outbreaks of diseases like cholera and diarrhea that require more resources for cure and also affect people’s incomes.

Kigamboni District Commissioner, Hashim Mgandilwa, pledged implementation of the directives by the deputy minister, to make sure that the place remained clean permanently.

“I have made a public announcement that whoever is caught making deliberate litter will be penalized heavily and the informer will be rewarded Tsh50, 000 immediately. Today two individuals have been arrested in connection with random trash throwing,” Mgandilwa explained.

The Eastern Zone Coordinator from the National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Jaffar Chimgege pledged continued monitoring of cleanliness in the area to make sure that the new sanitary condition was sustained.

Indiscriminate sand collection from different places leads to serious environmental degradation, an activity which should be synchronized with environmental protection, the coordinator intoned.