Mpina instructs 82 councils to start livestock vaccinations

13Jul 2020
The Guardian
Mpina instructs 82 councils to start livestock vaccinations

​​​​​​​LIVESTOCK and Fisheries Minister Luhaga Mpina has instructed executive directors from 82 councils in Tanzania mainland to begin livestock vaccinations as soon as possible.

Livestock and Fisheries minister Luhaga Mpina (R, with stick) participates in leading cattle into a pneumonia vaccination cage in Singida yesterday. Photo: Correspondent Jumbe Ismailly

Mpina issued the instructions at Kinyangiri village in mkalama district, singida region when launching the national livestock vaccinations campaign against anthrax.

Mpina disclosed that 103 local councils out of 185, or 56 per cent have been administering vaccinations to livestock whereas for 2019.20 a total of 53,851,850 doses were administered.

“This is just small quantity compared to the number of the livestock in the country and the quantity of priority vaccinations to be administered, hence I would like to take this opportunity to direct 82 DEDs in the country who not started vaccination to the livestock in the areas or that who have partly done so to start full vaccination immediately,” he said.

He stressed the law on animals’ diseases was clear on the need for livestock vaccination and the responsibility of every local council and the veterinary official thereof in administering vaccination.

Speaking on the local councils that procure vaccination drugs but do not remit funds thereof to Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA), Mpina said in order to attain achievement in the production of vaccination drugs, he instructed all local councils that owe funds to TVLA to effect payments thereof by August 30 this year.

However, he said many local councils have been abiding by the requirement of fund remission to TVLA, and added that only a few are still long time hardcore debtors.

TVLA Managing Director Dr Furaha Mramba said the aim to establish TVLA in 2012 were among others, was examination and diagnosis of diseases so that when the animals become sick they should know what was to be done and which kind of drugs are suitable for treatment.

Livestock and Fisheries Direct of Livestock Services Prof Hezron Nonga said in order to fight various types of animals’ diseases, the Ministry purchased 12,540 litres of chemicals for dipping of livestock that was able to administer 211,037,290 dips.

He said the dips were administered to 149,954,080 cattle, 45,477,778 goats and 15,605,431 sheep.

Mkalama District Commissioner Eng Jackson masaka disclosed that the aim of his district was to give 100,000 vaccinations, but until the time the exercise was launched a total of 45,000, cattle, and 37,000 sheep had been vaccinated.

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