Mpina orders arrest of fake veterinary officers

08Jul 2020
The Guardian
Mpina orders arrest of fake veterinary officers

​​​​​​​LIVESTOCK and Fisheries Minister, Luhaga Mpina has ordered the arrest of fake veterinary officers who lack required skills.

He also gave 25 directives to three livestock and fisheries boards saying those who will fail to implement the directives, their appointments will be revoked any time. 

Mpina issued the directives here yesterday when speaking to newly appointed board members in Livestock Training Agency (LITA), Veterinary Council of Tanzania (VCT) and Marine Parks and Reserves Unit (MPRU).

He instructed all these boards to ensure they supervise veterinary officers’ ethics by arresting fake veterinary officers who provide veterinary services to the livestock in the country while knowing they are not qualified to do so.

He said the ongoing amendment of the laws must go in tandem with the loss which a fake veterinary officer has caused to the livestock owner by prescribing wrong drugs, adding that fining them was not adequate, the fake veterinary officer must pay the livestock owner the loss of his animals.

He also directed the boards to increase government revenues that has to at least reach 1bn/- per year from the current 250m/-.

Mpina also instructed the deregistration of all veterinary officers who have not paid their fees in accordance with the law.

The ministry’s Permanent Secretary Prof Elisante Ole Gabriel mentioned the Board Members including Prof Mkongo Mlozi (LITA) Dr Bonaventura Baya (MPRU) and Prof Kazwala Rudovick (VCT).

Prof Mlozi thanked the minister for their appointment and pledged to work on the directives issued.

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