MPs propose reforms for boosting Tarura activities

22Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
MPs propose reforms for boosting Tarura activities

MEMBERS of Parliament have proposed establishment of 10/- levy for phone users and another 50/- for vehicle owners to help boost the budget for the Tanzania Rural Roads Agency (TARURA) to perform effectively.

Ilala MP Mussa Zungu.

The MPs said Tarura was very small hence makes the agency fail to perform effectively calling for the essence of having the levies which they said should range from 10/- 50/- to 100/-.

The legislators were speaking when commenting on the budget proposals for the ministry of State in the President's Office Regional Administration and Local Government for the year 2021/2022.

Ilala MP Mussa Zungu advised the Tanzania Revenue Authority to formulate new revenue sources because there are various sources which can make the agency run effectively.

Speaking in parliament, Zungu said most of the MPs have been complaining of Tarura failing to construct roads in their constituencies due to budgetary constraints. 

“It is better to establish such levies as they do in Ethiopia where the money to construct rural roads comes from such revenues,” he said.

He said the fact that there is an average 52 million phone users in the country would help generate 540bn/- which would help build roads.

He said if there is 50/- levy, more than 500bn/- would be generated while if the levy is 100/- about 1.8trn/- would be generated.

Makambako MP Deo Sanga echoed the remarks saying there should be some deductions from phone users to help in national building.

Solwa legislator Ahmed Salum supported the idea saying users should be deducted from the services they receive to help in road construction.

Another MP for Magu Boniventura Kiswaga said road construction has been a problem in rural areas hence there is need to have levies some of the services that people receive from the government such as communication.

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