Muhimbili hospital also hit as fake certs purge spreads

10May 2017
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Muhimbili hospital also hit as fake certs purge spreads

THE Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) in Dar es Salaam yesterday gave notice to more than 100 employees to resign of their own accord by Monday next week or risk being dragged to court on fraud charges after they were found to possess fake academic certificates.

Prof Lawrence Museru

A statement availed to the media by the country’s biggest referral hospital names a total of 134 employees as having forged their school transcripts, the emergency department emerging as most affected with at least 20 workers on the list.

MNH director general Prof Lawrence Museru said in the statement that since this disqualifies them from continuing as government employees, they should implement the directive issued by President John Magufuli to withdraw themselves from their work stations before May 15.

“The heads of MNH departments/ buildings are required to ensure that the listed employees are no longer allowed to continue providing services in the hospital,” Prof Museru said.

The president recently ordered the Treasury to remove a total of 9,932 government workers found to have forged their academic records from the civil service payroll effective from May.

The crackdown on fake academic certificate holders followed on the discovery in March last year of over 19,700 “ghost workers” also benefitting from the government’s monthly payroll at a cost of over 238 billion/- per year.

Apart from the emergency unit, other departments that have been hard hit by the new MNH notice are the maternity department (19 workers), Mwaisela ward (14), laboratory (14), and children’s ward (11).

Also the medical records department (9), Kibasila ward (five workers), surgery department (four), outpatients’ reception (four), Sewa Haji ward (three), department of research and counseling (three), the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI) (three), and tailoring department (two).

According to reports from various regions, many government workers ‘exposed’ in the fake academic records crackdown have been leaving their positions peacefully since the president’ announcement.

In the process, however, their departures are leaving behind huge gaps in the government’s rendering of social services, the reports say.

For example, Iringa and Kilolo municipalities are now said to be grappling with a shortage of health and education workers after a total of 84 employees lost their jobs.

The same situation has bitten Kyela, Mbozi and Momba districts in Mbeya region, where almost all civil servants exposed in the crackdown have already gone, the reports say.

Reports from Manyara region say some LGA-level doctors and other civil servants have also quit, while a total of 236 civil servants have done the same in Lindi region, most of them from the Nachingwea and Kilwa district councils.

According to Manyara regional commissioner Godfrey Zambi, the bulk of the ‘exposed’ workers were stationed in health centres across the region.

More than 70 civil servants are reported to have silently quit in Tanga region, and a further 60-plus in Kilimanjaro region.
President Magufuli’s order for all unqualified civil servants to be axed is understood to be aimed at ensuring that those who survive the clean-up earn their keep legally.

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