Mwanza fills gaps in measles, rubella, polio drops for under-fives

23Sep 2019
The Guardian
Mwanza fills gaps in measles, rubella, polio drops for under-fives

THE Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children in collaboration with various stakeholders has embarked on a national vaccination campaign for measles, rubella and polio targeting all children under the age of five.

john mongella, rc mwanza.

The vaccination campaign comes around as many children were not vaccinated against the diseases when many vaccination centres failed to attain the 100 percent vaccination target.

The coordinator of the vaccination for Mwanza Region, Amos Kiteleja said in a statement that the multitude of children who are not protected by vaccination every three to four years can cause eruption of measles.

“Various researches conducted in the country show that rubella disease still exists and has affected many newly born babies, causing permanent defects,” he said, noting that 85 percent of babies who reach nine months get vaccinated against measles.

He said many children did not receive at least one vaccination dose against measles and rubella from 2016 to 2018, so the aim is to attain 90 percent vaccination rate and above.

From 2013 to August 2019 a total of 503 polio samples were taken and there weren’t even one who had the disease, and this is good indicator that Mwanza region is free from polio.

Sengerema District Commissioner Emmanuel Kipole appealed to public officials in all eight district councils of the region to ensure that vaccination is freely available and benefits the whole region.

“The aim of the vaccination campaign is to prevent and combat preventable diseases through vaccination on all children under five years,” he said.

Vaccination is necessary even if the children had been vaccinated through traditional procedures. It is the responsibility of all public officials involved in the campaign to conduct the work thoroughly and professionally, the DC added.