Mwanza gets facility for measurement of oil quantity

20Jan 2020
The Guardian
Mwanza gets facility for measurement of oil quantity

MINISTRY of Industry, Trade and Investment has established a calibration bay along Mwanza-Musoma highway in Mwanza city, enabling dealers and filling station owner to measure quantity of oil ferried by tankers.

Region's Administrative Secretary (RAS), Christopher Kadio

Manager of Weights and Measures Agency (WMA) in Mwanza Region, Albogast Kajungu told owners of petrol stations here at the weekend to make use of the facility which will also serve tankers headed to nearbyMara Region.

Kajungu noted that establishment of the bay located at Nyamhongolo area is meant to extend calibration services to petroleum dealers in the region as in the past service was only available Dar es Salaam.

"In the past operators of petrol stations in Mwanza region were forced to transport their tankers to Dar es Salaam for calibration but now with the establishment of the facility here they will get services near their stations and therefore save money as well as time they could use for transport", he noted.

He pointed out that sometime also the aluminium bar commonly known as dipstick may undergo erosion in the coarse of time in that regard calibration has to be done at most once a year so that if there is a problem of that kind can be noticed and rectified.

Making a point at the occasion, the Region's Administrative Secretary (RAS), Christopher Kadio appealed to WMA to make sure that petrol station operators have regulations by the agency.

He underscored that move will much help the operators to easily comply with the regulations governed by that agency and therefore simply its management in the area.

However, Kadio urged the service providers to lodge their complaints against the agency in writing if there are any so that they can be dealt with accordingly.

That will be the normal procedure to attend complaints raised by people against government institutions in order to find solution on them, he said

He explained that even when they arrange for their regular meetings they should invite representatives Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and WMA to help clarify some issues to them with regard to their operations.