Mwinyi: Equal basic rights ensures the country’s peace

12May 2022
The Guardian Reporter
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Mwinyi: Equal basic rights ensures the country’s peace

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi has said that for the country to be peaceful, it must ensure every citizen gets equal basic rights.

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi

President Mwinyi made the remarks at the event marking 25th Jubilee Anniversary of Bishop Augustine Shao of the Roman Catholic Church, Zanzibar Diocese held at Amaan Stadium in Zanzibar.

He said for that end he will work hard in finding solutions various challenges facing the Church.

He called upon leaders of various religious denominations to adopt ethics saying the step stands to build up trust among their followers.

Speaking about the blue economy policy and its implementation, Dr Mwinyi said the government has divided the concept into five main sectors – tourism, ports, trade and transport, fishing (including seaweed farming) and oil and gas.

He said tourism is the pillar of the national economy whereby 30 per cent of the national income, hence he said the aims of the government entails better use of sea resources for the development of the people.

He said seaweed farming and fishing is an area that involves two thirds of the people, hence the government has stressed in the strengthening of production and alleviates poverty.

He added that his government has embarked in building a big modern port at Mangapwani area that aims in increasing government revenues.

He said another area in the sector is oil and gas, adding that huge quantities of natural gas have already been discovered under the sea so far.

In regard to sea transport he said it is the area that has not seen significant activity and added that the government vows to strengthen sea transport to spur economic growth.         

He said Zanzibar has a long history for its people living in harmony, regardless of religious affiliations, the issue that has brought great fame to the Isles.

He also praised the decision of Zanzibar Catholic Church to work together with other religious leaders in the National Peace Committee that incorporates other religious denominations, saying the cooperation provides great opportunity for strengthening the country’s unity for social and economic development.

He also praised various religious institutions in strengthening of social services, including establishment of schools, health centres that provide services without discrimination.

He also used the occasion to convey his thanks to the followers of the Zanzibar Diocese, and wished well Bishop Shao to carry out his religious duties.

For his part, the Minister of State in the Office of the Second Vice President (Policy, Coordination and House of Representatives) Hamza Hassan pledged to work on all challenges submitted by various religious leaders and promised continue cooperation without discrimination on religion lines.

Earlier, Bishop Augustino Mweleli Shao of the Zanzibar Roman Catholic Diocese, among others touched on various challenges facing the Church and its followers.

He said the Zanzibar Constitution gives the people the right to own land without discrimination, but in practice, he said this has not been the case.

He also said the Church is also facing the challenge in obtaining permits for service delivery, saying missionaries cannot implement social development projects without collaboration with the authorities.

Meanwhile, Zanzibar Deputy Mufti, Sheikh Mahmoud Mussa praised Bishop Shao for his kindness and wisdom that made him perform his religious duties proficiently.