NARCO to demarcate all ranch blocks to curtail illegal invasion

12Aug 2020
The Guardian
NARCO to demarcate all ranch blocks to curtail illegal invasion

​​​​​​​THE National Ranching Company Limited (NARCO) is demarcating all ranch blocks to curtail illegal invasion.

General Director for NARCO, Masele Shilagi Mipawa.

Acting General Director for NARCO, Masele Shilagi Mipawa said that invasions to earmarked ranch blocks stands as a great barrier that for years have been retarding efforts to improve standards and animals’ welfare and security in NARCO areas.

He said that the company has found it vital to place permanent boundaries to all ranching blocks as part to ensure security, but also attract more investment.

“Usually, investors need to invest in an area with guaranteed security and safety. So, we are doing this, firstly, for the betterment of animals’ welfare, but also, for attracting more investors to come and invest,” he added.

He said as per the scheduled time frame, at least by end of October this year, all blocks in the country will have official boundaries.

Mipawa added that the company was also implementing an exercise to earmark special grazing blocks and lease them to livestock keepers at fair prices.

“The aim is to overcome and slash to zero land conflicts, often brewing due to few grazing areas,” he detailed.

According to Mipawa, at least two potential investors from Egypt and Namibia have already lodged applications to invest into meat processing industries.

“So far, at least 120 giant and 200 small scale investors are currently with diverse contracts with the state-owned company in different regions in Tanzania,” he noted.

With at least 14 well established ranches, scattered in different regions, NARCO has a key role to produce improved livestock spices, as well as other vital animal’s related products.

In his remarks during the climax of this year’ Nanenane farmers exhibitions, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said the fifth phase government, through NARCO will ensure settling of enough grazing areas in all districts within the country.