NCAA sets up Amboni Caves survey, publicity

30Nov 2020
The Guardian
NCAA sets up Amboni Caves survey, publicity

​​​​​​​A NEW geological survey will soon start at the Amboni Caves near Tanga city, to gather more information on the formation, morphology and legends surrounding the scenic tourist attraction, with intent to making the vicinity a new tourist hotspot.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) which manages the caves will conduct the study which also seeks to find out the precise dating of formation of the meandering caves.

The conservator of the caves, Melchizedek Mwambungu said here at the weekend that NCAA geologists will soon embark on the work, to undo or confirm what has been said about the site for decades.

There are seven caves in the area but only two, namely number three and four are in use. The study will advise if other channels are safe for guided tour activities, he said.

"We currently use data which we found when taking over, but we know we have to undertake a geological survey to make precisions in specific areas, enhancing the capacity to answer any questions by visitors," he declared.

NCAA took over the caves six months ago and it has managed to make some improvements in the cave infrastructure to increase attraction, notably on safety of visitors. This was done by installing special lights and drifts to enable visitors to enter the caves without environmental fears, even when the caves are water-logged, the conservator noted.

NCAA has stopped explosions from limestone quarrying activities, therefore, increasing the security of visitors entering the caves.

"The number of visitors has increased and we now have between 800 and 1,000 visitors on a daily basis, mostly school children.

NCAA plans to build a parking lot, a camping site and restaurant to cope with increased visitors. "We had a visit from TARURA technicians to prepare to build a parking lot and other facilities to ease access to the caves," he said. Read More...https://epaper.ippmedia