NCCR's top job candidate to end oppressive legislation

26Oct 2020
The Guardian
NCCR's top job candidate to end oppressive legislation

NCCR Mageuzi presidential candidate Jeremiah Maganja has vowed to repeal all oppressive laws if elected as Union president in Wednesday’s general election.

Maganja asserted that apart from repealing repressive laws, his government will work to improve the welfare of Tanzanians, enhance economic growth and create a favourable business and investment climate.

Addressing a rally in Tarime-Urban constituency, Mara Region yesterday, the presidential aspirant said his government will amicably work on the remaining contentious Union issues with intent to strengthen the union and facilitate development in the Mainland and in Zanzibar.

Last week, the Union and Zanzibar governments removed five issues from the list of contentious Union issues in efforts to ease the climate of discussion on the strengthening of the union.

Issues removed from the list include the matter of procedure in meetings of the Joint Committee on Union issues and consecration of agreement on oil, gas exploration and exploitation.

Others include recognition of agreements for costs of import cargo from Zanzibar at the port of Dar es Salaam, derogating it as a contentious issue, as well as Zanzibar’s participation in the East African Community as (EAC) and wider involvement in international and regional organisations.

“If elected as Union president, I will revive the constitution writing process; a process which will involve citizens at all the levels,” he declared, underlining that his sector priorities focus on improvement of education through regular capacity building like seminars for primary and secondary school teachers.

On health, the aspirant pledged to improve the national health insurance system to ensure availability of essential drugs in hospitals and health centres.

  Tarime-Urban parliamentary candidate (NCCR Mageuzi), Mary Nyagabona pledged to build a new market to replace the one demolished by the district authorities. Having a market will enable small scale traders to smoothly conduct business, thus contribute to the district’s revenue collections.

Nyagabona was concerned that MPs from Chadema and CCM have for years failed to bring development to citizens in the constituency.

“There are many people in the constituency who are still struggling to access clean and safe water. Once elected, I will make sure every resident has access to the precious liquid within their vicinity,” the aspirant intoned.

The party’s youth wing Deputy Secretary General (Mainland), Ndihaloye Kifu urged the residents to vote for NCCR Mageuzi candidates for the parliamentary and councillorship seats. He said the candidates are likely to bring about the desired development thrust.

 Kifu said that NCCR Mageuzi would overhaul the country’s education sector to ensure provision of quality education enabling graduates to employ themselves. Students at colleges and higher learning institutions will be imparted with entrepreneurship and other life skills to enable them set up small businesses after graduating.

About 29m people are registered to vote in this year's general election, from 23m in 2015, on the basis of affirmations by the National Electoral Commission (NEC). Voters will elect the Union president, members of Parliament and local councilors on the Mainland.