Nditiye directs security organs to guard northern railway line

09Jul 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Nditiye directs security organs to guard northern railway line

​​​​​​​WORKS, Transport and Communications Deputy Minister Atashasta Nditiye has instructed defense and security organs to make frequent inspections on the safety of the northern railways infrastructures to control vandalism.

​​​​​​​WORKS, Transport and Communications Deputy Minister Atashasta Nditiye.

The deputy minister issued the instructions in Monday this week when inspecting the railway line at Moshi railway station.

“This railway line has undergone acts of sabotage for many years it had not been in operation, and as of now we are looking for the youth to protect it against vandals and saboteurs,” he said.

He said since the launching of train services between Dar es Salaam and Moshi last year more than 12,874 passengers travelled earning Tanzania railways Corporation more than 260m/-.

Last year President John Magufuli directed the ministry to ensure resumption of train services along the line that had not been in operation for more than two decades.

On TRC’s request for special permission to Tanzania Forests Services Agency (TFS) to purchase logs for use as railway sleepers, the minister directed an official request thereof to be sent in seven days on whether the permission had been granted.

“A month and half ago I received reports of some people unscrewing railway line connections, I did not know for what aim exactly, to kill people or what. Whoever is doing that in order for his buses to have passengers I say it is plain murder, I appeal to the people to be guardians of the infrastructure,” he said.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister directed all people engaging in human activities including grazing of livestock, farming and house construction along the railway line to move away voluntarily before legal steps are taken against them.

Earlier, the Moshi Railway Station Master Japhet James said since train services were launched by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa July 20 last year, they received 2,720 of cement, 3,480 tonnes of fertiliser, and 8,040 tonnes of building materials for Moshi-Arusha railway line.